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[caption id="attachment_198" align="aligncenter" width="236"]Solephonic EP 12" cover Acomplia For Sale, Solephonic EP 12" cover[/caption]

It is our distinct and long awaited pleasure to present the debut release from the true NZ legend that is Manuel Bundy. Whether it is touring the World with OMC’s band a la “How Bizarre”, Mark de Clive Lowe’s Six Degrees, holding residency’s up and down the country in only NZ’s deepest clubs, Acomplia samples, to co-hosting Auckland’s only monthly party to be at, The Turnaround, Manny has truly done it all.

Bundy has contributed beats and scratches to numerous artists' albums including Nathan Haines' 'Shift Left', Mark de Clive-Lowe's 'Six Degrees', Acomplia from mexico, Nuvonesia's 'Island of Nuvonesia', King Kapisi’s “Savage Thoughts”, and Che Fu’s “to Be Spacific”. Buy Acomplia from mexico, Manuel has always remained conscious and true and stands in front of a small group of Pacific NZ artists who can truly claim to have stayed true to the cause and in his case, helped create Pacific hip hop soul music. This is his debut release, on vinyl.

The 12" is the highest selling record ever at Auckland's famous record store Conch Records, Acomplia For Sale.

What does your mother call you ?: Manuel Matisi, order Acomplia from United States pharmacy.

Why did you chose your DJ name: Back in ‘88 (I think), I did a gig called The Terrordome with Sam Hill at the Siren in High St Auckland NZ, (later to be called Cause Celebre). Acomplia cost, We changed our last names to those of famous serial killers, and I ended up with (Ted) Bundy. . ?Home city: Acomplia For Sale, Auckland.

How long have you been playing?: Since I was 16 years old. , Acomplia from canadian pharmacy. He started djing in 1989 at High St’s De Bretts Hotel as resident til 1993. Then on to a regular Thursday at the Box in 1991 which led to a regular late nite set in the weekend with Rob Salmon in 1992.

In 93 I was invited to the Australian DMC D.J, Acomplia For Sale. finals as host dj for the night. Is Acomplia addictive, In 1995 I started dabbling in production. Worked on various projects . Hooked up with  Zane Lowe & Dam Native. Acomplia For Sale, Scratched on ‘Horrified One’ and ‘Behold my Kool Style’. Worked on Nathan Haines debut album ‘Shift Left’. and also worked on second album ‘Soundkilla Sessions’, where can i buy cheapest Acomplia online. I also laid cuts for Tim Finn on a weird track called ‘Runs in the family’.

Manuel at this stage was djing at Auckland’s then finest club The Box/Cause Celebre. It  was here he was spotted by U.K, Acomplia For Sale. D.J. Acomplia used for, Paul Oakenfold who was on tour with U2, and who later went on to say in URB magazine that he saw Manuel dj. that night and his skills and selection caught his attention as some of the best he had ever seen.

So what happened next?:

In late 1995/96 I hooked up with Andy Morton (Submariner) at Hutt Studios in Auckland. Acomplia For Sale, We met through Ermehn and worked on ‘Strangers in the city”. I scratched on various songs on Ermhns album ‘Samoans Pt 1, Acomplia class. We also co-produced an instrumental track which would become the backing track for King Kapisi’s debut and award winning single ‘Sub Cranium  Feeling’. I also scratched on Breaks Co-op album ‘Roofers’ .

On New Years Eve 1997/98 supported Beck and Mario C at Bondi Beach in Sydney. Then did the OMC tour, Acomplia For Sale. Discount Acomplia, In 1999 started working with Black Grace and the Urban Youth Movement as a dj in live performances. Also writing and produce original music for modern dance..

In 2003 I established the Turnaround night with Cian & Submariner. Remixed One Million Dollars single “get off” and selected Sugarlicks compilation “ultrasound vol 1”. Acomplia For Sale, I have also almost finished recording my debut album at Sugarlicks. Release first 12" 2007, buy Acomplia online no prescription.

Gear: Technics 1200s, Akai MPC 3000, a dodgy mixer and loads of vinyl. 

The Word :

The Don of Djing in Nz whether hip hop, Where can i order Acomplia without prescription, house or otherwise, Manuel Bundy has won more DJ awards than any other and has been a source of inspiration and knowledge for the scene since it started. A fixture on the New Zealand dance music scene for nearly 20 years, Manuel (aka Manuel  Matisi ) has toured the world as DJ of choice for artists such as Nathan Haines, Mark De Clive Lowe and OMC, online buy Acomplia without a prescription. He has also provided beats and scratches for the likes of King Kapisi, Dam Native, Breaks Co-Op and Nuvonesia, Acomplia pics, as well as producing his own beats under the Solephonic moniker.

While hip hop is the staple genre of a Manuel Bundy DJ set, he is able to effortlessly cover all the musical bases, with Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dancehall and House all being presented in their finest forms during one of his legendary stints behind the turntables, Acomplia For Sale. Manuel’s style is simple - anything goes, but it gots to be funky.

Manuel’s remix of Che Fu Misty Frequencies won remix of the year at the b-net awards 2002, and his second, a remix of One Million Dollars was a b-net favourite in 2004. For a year or two after Manuel  helped establish and was programme director for Auckland’s only dedicated real hip hop reggae station Base fm (

Manuel's currently produces as Solephonic and his debut album is finishing recorded at Sugarlicks at the moment. Not quite in the can but its on track Pacific time …  here’s the album vinyl EP as a taster anyways.

Solephonic - Manuel Bundy Presents The Solephonic EP

[caption id="attachment_202" align="aligncenter" width="631"]Manuel Bundy is Solephonic ! Manuel Bundy is Solephonic ![/caption]




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