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[caption id="attachment_151" align="aligncenter" width="236" caption="Murk108 album cover"]Murk108 album cover Purchase Clomid, [/caption]

Murk 108, aka Ahmen Mahal, may well be best known for his work under the guise of Captain Imon Star as part of Nuvonesia with Mark de Clive-Lowe and DJ Manuel Bundy. Others might be familiar with the multi-talented Wellingtonian through his MCing for The Roots Foundation or his role of MC, producer and instrumentalist for Rhombus. Or then there's Olmecha Supreme of which he is the solo MC and instrumentalist, my Clomid experience.

While juggling all these personas and projects Ahmen managed to find time to put together his debut album under the guise of Murk 108. Titled 'The Murkwon LP', Purchase Clomid, it was released in May 2006 through Auckland label Sugarlicks Recordings. The album, which mixes elements of conscious hip hop and reggae, "chronicles the growth and journey of a young Rasta", Purchase Clomid.

Captain Imon Star (Rhombus, Nuvonesia) of the star ship Nuvonesia Majestic is trapped in a strange dimension that is folding in on itself, and he is forced to mercenary for survival, fast shipping Clomid. Thus he adopts the call sign Murk 108 and unites with the aging technology to become Olmecha and Olmecha Supreme.

"I'm an artist, Ordering Clomid online, I'm trying to craft universes out of all these things. I might have too much time to myself," he offers as an explanation. Purchase Clomid, A solo album, the sound of his sister's (Deva Mahal) voice can be faintly heard, as can the sounds of Wellington, Thames and Hawaii - the locations where the album was recorded. Original inspiration comes from his extensive musical background; growing up with his father Taj Mahal's influence, is Clomid addictive, writing theme songs for his transformers as a child and studying music synthesis at Boston's Berkley School of Music. Ahmen may well play the bass, Buy Clomid online cod, saxophone, keys, drums and guitar - skills that are apparent throughout - but the MPC 2000XL is now his tool of choice and the major instrument from which the album was created.

Using Imac, Clomid long term, Logic 4.5, a Yamaha YK11 drum synth, Clomid trusted pharmacy reviews, a mini keyboard, Fernandez strat and an Ibanez Roadstar bass as well as the trusty, beat up MPC, 'The Murkone LP' is, Clomid from canadian pharmacy, by his own admission, a low-fi affair - his protocol based on a "found sound environment". Purchase Clomid for sale, The consciously left-of-centre album is a work of a lifetime. Ahmen is the first to admit that he has a problem drawing borders or working to a timeline, Purchase Clomid.
"I had this brilliant idea that I wanted to release my first album only when I had recorded several billion other albums, so this is my first release of several billion. Different in scope and light years ahead in terms of its contemporaries, Clomid maximum dosage," this album is the place where he plays out his dreams. A personal fan of the album, Effects of Clomid, Ahmen says he has been listening to it in his head for his whole life.

"I see a huge picture, imagine omnipotence and multiply that exponentially. Purchase Clomid, That's where I'm headed. It's huge, purchase Clomid online no prescription, I'm creating a whole universe and it's something that could take a good chunk of my life. I expect it to open people's minds and be a good opening statement - the door through which people can view the galaxy and dimensions that I am trying to create."

"Murk is different; at times he sounds a little bit like West-Coast Quannum boy Lyrics Born and then at others he uses a stream of consciousness-almost spoken word delivery that marks him out as more of a modern Gil Scott Heron ... Taking Clomid, He draws from jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, Clomid forum, breaks and reggae but puts it all together in a incredibly fresh way that really sets him apart from what anyone else is doing in this country, and which very few others can touch. Great stuff."
Silverbeat - Real Groove magazine.

Video - live at Khuja Lounge :


[caption id="attachment_154" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Ahmen Mahal aka Murk 108 aka Imon Star"]Ahmen Mahal aka Murk 108 aka Imon Star[/caption].

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